Treatments to remove blemishes from the skin.


What are skin blemishes?

Hyperpigmentation or spots of an area of the skin occur as a result of the excessive production of melanin, this substance serves as pigment for the skin, eyes and hair, provides color to all those areas of the body and when an imbalance occurs it becomes spots.

As alarming as the appearance of these spots may seem, they do not suggest any danger, rather their treatment has a more aesthetic than medical objective. The well-being of removing hyperpigmentation is due to the increase in the patient’s self-esteem.

Today, science has developed various techniques to help patients regain their natural skin tone and eliminate blemishes that can develop as a result of aging or sun exposure.

Can all stains be treated?

The skin spots being treated are those that are dark, painless, and have the same texture as the skin. It is common for patients to mistake certain spots for the formation of moles or skin lesions, which is why medical evaluation is so important before starting treatment.

Since skin lesions require a specific analysis to rule out diseases, we cannot say that all stains can be eliminated.

Under the criteria of a skin health professional, it can be established which are the skin spots that a patient can treat.

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Treatments to remove blemishes from the skin.

The options for removing skin blemishes depend on several factors such as: location of the spot, skin type, patient goals, characteristics of the spot, among others.

Some of the most common options are:


This device applies the energy of intense light and heat to break down the melanin to remove the stain.


It refers to the application of cold in the area of the spot, it is a treatment that uses liquid nitrogen in a precise way to affect the cells that cause the spot to promote the regeneration of the skin with a lighter tone.


It uses a device that applies abrasive substances that breaks down the outer layer of the skin, this way promoting collagen production and helping to regenerate that area of skin without blemishes.

Chemical peel.

It is a less invasive treatment that involves the application of chemicals that superficially exfoliate the skin in the area of the spot and periodically fade the spot. It also stimulates collagen production and the skin regenerates with a regular tone.

Stain Treatment

Improvement only with the right creams in your skincare

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