What is Radiesse?

It is an aesthetic treatment that stimulates the production of collagen intensively at the absorption points. Its purpose is to treat the flaccidity of the face, restoring its firmness and elasticity.  

Thanks to its microparticles of Calcium Hydroxyapatite, Radiesse has become a wonderful facial filler that is used as an alternative to treat the signs of aging and sagging. 

It is a safe, immediate and compatible method to apply to the face and body. 

With the Radiesse treatment you will recover the contour of your face leaving a natural, firm and defined appearance. 

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Our services are personalized, we want to recommend what you really need and create an objective strategy on the expected effect.

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What is the purpose of the
Radiesse treatment?

It is ideal for making the skin regain its firmness, its intradermal application allows its specific action on the absorption points that are established by a specialized doctor.

With the passage of time and the changes that we can experience in our lives, it is normal to suffer changes in our skin, with results that are not rewarding. The contour of the face can be weakened and lost due to the lack of collagen as well as the other properties.

Radiesse helps you recover what you lost, its main function is to firm the skin, return it to its place of origin and give this rejuvenating effect that you are looking for.

It can be recommended as a treatment for stretch marks, scars and sagging, and if it is accompanied by other tools such as: Laser, Ultherapy and/or Morpheus it can produce great effects to improve the appearance of the skin.

At DermoMédica we offer you natural treatments that enhance the recovery of your skin, allowing a favorable result that highlights your beauty.

Radiesse application process.

This is applied during a session at the dermatological clinic in this case, DermoMédica, it is done by means of microneedles that ensure that it is a non-invasive process.

The filler ensures a rejuvenating effect from the first application, although with prolonged action that can reach its peak in a span of two months. Depending on the goal you want to achieve, this option can be treated individually or accompanied by another tool such as: Ultherapy or Morpheus that has a focus on skin firming.

The best thing about the Radiesse app is that you can count on an effect of up to two years in some cases.

The number of sessions will depend on the patient’s goal. At DermoMédica we contemplate periodic review sessions that allow us to evaluate the patient’s progress and establish strategies to continue with the rejuvenating effect.

Before & After
of our Radiesse treatment

Do you have doubts about the effect of Radiesse? Here is a sample of its effectiveness with the results of some of our patients.

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Radiesse Collagen Biostimulation

With age, tissue loss and thinning of the skin also affects the hands. It is recommended to apply it every 6 months.

Before & After Our
Ultherapy + Radiesse Treatment

Ultherapy + Radiesse in young patients: improvement of nasolabial sucus

Combination treatments:
Ultherapy + Radiesse + Hyaluronic Acid

-Improvement in dark circles, cheekbone replacement, jaw contour, reduction of double chin.
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Combination treatments, ultherapy + Radiesse + skincare + change of eating habits

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