QuantifiCare. Skin imaging.


What is QuantifiCare?

QuantifiCare is an advanced technological tool that provides functional skin data to dermatologists and cosmetologists in order to improve the treatment decisions they make with their patients.

To be more specific, it is a camera that produces 3D images and aims to achieve two things: First, to offer specific details of the patient’s skin and as a second function, to simulate the results of the procedure on the face, and other areas of the body, in a specific and realistic way.

We can say that thanks to the precision offered by QuantifiCare technology, skin specialists can now offer more personalized treatment, as well as the possibility of clarifying their doubts in a graphic way.

How does it work?

The QuantifiCare works like a telescope but focused on the study of the skin, that is, it has optical lens adjustments that allow a clear view of the skin without distortions.

Its function is based on the use of a camera and an analysis program that ensures a complete analysis of the patient’s skin, which takes into account aspects such as skin volume, pores, spots, inflammation, redness, wrinkles, among others, and offers a 3D image reconstruction for the professional’s evaluation.

In which cases is it indicated?

As it is such a precise and efficient technology, there are many professional areas in which it can stand out, among those are:


Dermatologists who focus on treating skin conditions may require QuantifiCare analysis to assess the condition of their patients’ skin and more decisively define the diagnosis.

With the help of the images provided by this device, the doctor can differentiate the characteristics of the condition and distinguish the ideal treatment.


On an aesthetic level, QuantifiCare is also an ally, at first it works as a fundamental element to understand the characteristics of the patient’s skin as well as to identify the problem. With the help of this device, blemishes as well as any skin conditions can be better analyzed and confusion can be avoided.

Moreover, it can be helpful to reveal to the patient the results of their treatment to help them make a decision about the aesthetic route they are deciding to take.

Plastic surgery:

Surgeons can also rely on this technology to analyze the ideal aesthetic processes for each patient, considering the type of face, skin and particular tastes of each individual. The device makes it possible to offer a precise graphic idea of the result of the treatments.

Benefits of the QuantifiCare 3D camera.

  • Painless Procedure:

The QuantifiCare device is small with a camera that takes pictures of the desired image and displays the results without causing any sensation on the patient’s skin.

In this way, it becomes a painless and safe diagnostic method for patients.

  • Precise:

Thanks to the advancement of technology in the area of dermatology today, we can rely on the accuracy of the data from this device to make a diagnosis. The analysis system it uses takes into account various aspects of a patient’s skin to give the doctor confidence when implementing any treatment they find useful.

  • Improves the connection between doctor and patient:

By offering a simulated image of the patient’s outcome, a relationship of trust is created that guarantees optimal results. Likewise, understanding is improved since clear objectives are defined based on the patient’s tastes to achieve their total satisfaction.

  • Skin Healing:

In addition to being applied for aesthetic purposes, the QuantifiCare can also be used as a treatment monitoring system. Its diagnostic capacity helps to evaluate the progress of treatments in cases of irons, skin infections and even injuries such as burns.

When determining the progress of treatment, the doctor can apply the relevant improvements, such as changing the medications or starting another phase.

At DermoMédica you can find QuantifiCare as a tool available to you.

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