A wonderful combination of skin-revitalising components that is strategically applied to delicate areas of the face to help improve skin health.


What is nanosoft used for?

Nanosoft helps to counteract the effects of aging, it is an aesthetic treatment that can be used preventively or not to delay or conceal the furrows caused by fine lines and wrinkles.

Its purpose is to provide a moisturizing effect to generate a firm appearance on the skin, its effect is almost immediate, starting to be noticed in a span of two days with a continuous improvement of up to 7 days.

We can guarantee that nanosoft treatment is safe and effective, bringing a significant advancement to aesthetic solutions.

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Benefits of using nanosoft

To recognize the benefits that you can obtain when deciding on a nanosoft treatment, it is necessary to know that its implementation is through microneedles that allow the insertion of the product in difficult areas such as the eye contour.

One of its most notable benefits is its moisturizing effect on the skin, achieving a healthier appearance, its firming properties also allow a noticeable improvement in the areas where it is applied.

We can also add that its components help to strengthen the elastin fibers, giving a luminous and firm effect.

It has positive effects as a treatment for blemishes or scars caused by acne.

It provides immediate results, when applied in a specialized center it becomes a safe treatment capable of covering the most delicate areas of the face.

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Where we apply it

As we mentioned before, nanosoft treatment is ideal for reaching those tricky areas.

Nanosoft around the eyes

One of the most delicate areas of the face is the eye contour, with sensitive skin where the first signs of aging are noticeable. Thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine, today we can recommend nanosoft as a painless, safe solution with precise results to blur these signs of aging. Forget crow's feet! With the nanosoft you will regain the power of your eyes with deep hydration with a prolonged effect. Take advantage of this compound with natural nutrients to promote collagen production around the eyes and improve the appearance of your face. Take care of your skin as it deserves with the help of experts at Dermomédica.

Nanosoft under the eyes

Dark circles can darken the face, there are countless recommendations to improve the appearance of these dark stripes under the eyes such as good rest, application of creams and serums, makeup, etc. However, none of these solutions represent a long-lasting effect, so the tired appearance of the face continues. With the help of the application of nanosost in this delicate area, we are able to combat and improve the coloration of this area. We bring illumination back to your eyes with the application of nanosoft, thanks to its revitalizing composition it offers results of 48% improvement in dark circles.

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