Laser Treatments

A laser is defined as pulsed, intense light that is applied to the skin to help revitalize it through specialized treatments.

Both in the aesthetic area and in the medical area, the laser has many functions, the development of this novel technique has driven us to evolve creating increasingly effective treatment options.

Find out everything we can help you solve with the use of this new tool.


Laser hair removal

The most effective option to remove unwanted hair from any area of the body. This laser treatment consists of the application of light energy on the desired area, which produces heat that is directed or absorbed by the hair follicle which is where the hairs develop and causes damage that delays hair production.

With the constant application of this procedure, a long-term effect is created that is the total elimination of the ability to create hair, so that, after a while of using laser hair removal, you can forget about unwanted hairs!

Treatments for spider veins and facial and leg varicose veins

Laser treatments have become great allies for patients to eliminate the red pigmentation that can be created on the face and legs due to the appearance of blood vessels.

To understand the procedure, it is important to clarify that another advantage of the laser is that its application is selective, it only affects the desired point.

Understanding this, we can say that the ray of light enters the skin, reaches the blood vessel and destroys it with the heat generated, an almost imperceptible heat. Over time, the body is responsible for expelling the remains of blood vessels and a healthy skin appearance is obtained.

We can apply this laser treatment to both the face and the legs. Do you have discomfort with facial varicose veins or veins? Contact Dermomédica.

Treatment for acne scars

A CO2 laser is applied to the scar, which is responsible for removing the tissue with the mark in order to motivate the body to generate new tissue. We can recommend this technique from small scars to large and deep ones.

Facial redness, rosacea

Facial laser treatment consists of stimulating the clotting of blood found in the blood vessels of the face, in order to promote a natural process of reabsorption that in turn generates an improvement in the appearance of the face.

Skin spots, melasma

Thanks to the power of the light, the laser can cause the rupture of the pigment sacs of the skin that produce the stain, by making this release the skin manages to recover the tone of the rest and these unwanted spots are eliminated.

Enlarged pores

We cannot forget the power of this tool to encourage the production of collagen in the skin, each contact that the laser has with the skin will produce a stimulation for the production of collagen. This fact contributes to enlarged pores. When applying it, you will notice the changes and rejuvenate the skin of the face.

Nail fungus, onychomycosis

The laser treatment that is applied to the nails to treat a fungal infection is painless and with effective effects in the short term, the best thing is that, during this treatment, people do not need to take medication. The temperature produced by the light beam from the equipment causes the fungal infection to disappear from the affected site and surrounding areas.

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Laser treatment

We invite you to learn about the effects of this treatment so that you can trust that we really apply what your skin needs to be healthier.

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