Treatment for hair loss in women and men.


Hair is an essential characteristic that denotes the personality of human beings, its appearance and volume influences the self-image of each patient and for this reason options are sought to solve excessive hair loss.

Hair loss can come from various aspects that we will tell you about below, knowing these causes is essential to provide efficient solutions to strengthen the hair and scalp.

With the help of a dermatologist, you can get an accurate diagnosis of what causes your hair loss and find an effective solution.

How normal is hair loss?

It is necessary to highlight that daily hair loss is normal, people can lose, on average, up to 100 strands of hair during the day. For this reason, it is normal to find debris when brushing our hair, on the pillow and even when resting.

Concern should appear when this rate of hair loss becomes more acute, leaving excessive hair in the frequented places. Another noticeable aspect is patches (hairless spaces on the head) or increase in the hairline and forehead which can be a symptom of baldness.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or you feel worried about the decrease in hair volume in you or your hij@ then go for a professional check-up, in this way the professional will help prevent the problem from progressing.

What causes hair loss?

Hormonal imbalance:

Medical situations that affect the production of hormones such as pregnancy, menopause, thyroid diseases, etc., can cause temporary or permanent alopecia (hair loss).


Some scalp infections can lead to weakness in the hair bristles and thus trigger hasty hair loss.

On the other hand, mental disorders such as trichotillomania, which consists of compulsively pulling or pulling out the hair, can cause excessive hair loss and visible alopecia on the scalp.

Chemicals and/or hairstyles:

Beauty treatments and even changes in the natural style of the hair with the application of harsh chemicals can lead to long-term hair loss. For example, hairstyles such as African braids and hot oil treatments can cause irreparable damage.


Cancer patients who receive this type of treatment on the head or nearby area may suffer the consequence of a permanent weakening of the scalp and as a consequence have alopecia.

Drug Side Effect:

Some medications used to treat diseases such as arthritis, tension, anxiety, and depression can cause the patient to experience accelerated hair loss.


The most common reason why patients suffer from hair loss is androgenic alopecia disorder, which refers to progressive baldness as a familial inherited disorder.

It is related to the patient’s family history as well as aging factors. It is progressive and can be identified by doctors by evaluating the receding hairline.

Symptoms that you need a hair loss treatment.

Here are some reasons why you should get a professional evaluation to treat hair loss:

There is always an effective solution to restore strength to your hair, trust a professional in the area and do not allow your daily activities to be paralyzed based on this problem that may be temporary.

Treatment for hair loss in women.

In the case of women, a preliminary review is carried out to identify the reason for the problem and based on the result, the following options are recommended:

Minoxidil Shampoo:

This product can be presented in various forms as shampoo or hair foam and its compound is responsible for strengthening the scalp to minimize hair loss and at the same time stimulates growth. There are patients who enjoy both effects of the compound, even so it is a slow treatment that requires at least six months to notice results. It is a safe option for mild cases and young patients.


The laser has proven its positive effect on strengthening the hair, for this reason it is a valid treatment option for those patients who suffer with a weak hair fiber or with soft roots. At the same time, it is a light treatment, safe and has shown positive results in various patients.

Hair transplantation:

A surgical treatment that focuses on taking advantage of the patient's available hair, during the intervention the dermatologist removes areas of hair to place them in the bald areas. Minigrafts improve the appearance of baldness. As a more radical option, it is recommended on patients suffering from hereditary and progressive alopecia to solve or prevent hair loss from causing damage to their self-perception. The use of analgesics and sedatives is required to relieve the pain of the intervention, even so it is an outpatient surgery that does not require hospitalization.

Lifestyle changes:

The doctor can recommend improvements in the patient's lifestyle, reduce the level of stress, identify and treat pre-existing conditions that trigger hair loss, as well as establish an aesthetic style that conceals the problem and aids in self-esteem. It may also be recommended to seek support from a professional stylist who can use extensions or wigs. This is in more severe and progressive cases.

Treatments for hair loss in men.

For men, the following treatments may be recommended:


This drug offers great results for the recovery of alopecia, it is recommended in men under 60 years of age. Studies show that patients who consume it experience a decrease in hair loss and, in some cases, observe new hair growth. It has side effects that appear in isolated cases, these can be: decreased sexual desire and increased risk of prostate cancer.


The use of laser in men is also an option that strengthens the hair fiber and helps to decrease hair loss.

Hair transplantation:

A fairly common recommendation for men who begin to experience hair loss on the top of the head, this procedure conceals the situation and allows for a more youthful appearance. The outpatient surgical procedure involves removing parts of hair from an area of the head to graft them into the area where the loss is noticed.

Are you experiencing hair loss and looking for help in Panama?

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