The facial treatments we offer at Dermomédica have an aesthetic purpose where we highlight your beauty through natural means.


What is a facial?

Facial treatment is defined as all non-invasive techniques that are applied to the skin of the face that help to improve its health in a natural way. These are processes that stimulate the natural regeneration of the skin and concentrate on restoring hydration, toning and luminosity to the face.

Facials have multiple uses, these are very versatile to help people bring out the natural beauty they possess.

That is, a moisturizing facial treatment can be applied to prevent the marks of aging on the face, it can also be applied to remove marks, blemishes and scars. At the same time, the use of facial treatments is useful even to diminish or eliminate wrinkles and facial sagging that comes with the inevitable passage of time.

At Dermomedica we offer a variety of organic options that fit the needs of each patient, all with the same objective, to highlight the beauty of our clients.

Types of Facials We Offer

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A natural treatment that bases its event on localized ultrasound that helps treat the deepest area of the facial skin. In this way, the elasticity of the skin can be improved by restoring its firmness, stimulating collagen and treating signs of aging.


It is a unique device with micro needles that help penetrate the skin to accentuate the thermal effect of radiofrequency. It is ideal for treating localized fat and toning the skin, although it can also be used as a rejuvenation method.


A focused energy laser that helps treat various skin conditions with precision and effectiveness.


The novel radioelectric wave called Forma helps treat the skin from its deep layer, helps improve marks such as scars, wrinkles and even fight acne.


The ideal option for treating dark spots on the face, Dermamelan is listed as one of the most effective depigmenting methods. It is for topical use, however, it produces a profound effect that guarantees good results.


We can say that it is a deep cleansing treatment that is responsible for removing the layer of dead skin cells and recovering its natural glow. The peeling can be applied according to the requirements of each client since it has three degrees of depth. It is ideal for moisturizing and maintaining the health of facial skin as a preventive method.

What is the difference between Ultherapy and HIFU treatment?

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