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The deep cleansing option that the skin of the face and body needs to regain its natural glow.

At DermoMédica we offer facial and body peels in order to promote skin cell renewal, obtain greater cleanliness and luminosity in the face.


What is it and what does it consist of?
facial peeling?

Facial and body peeling is an aesthetic treatment that provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the face, thanks to the techniques with which it is applied it becomes a non-invasive solution that deeply cleanses the skin and also helps to conceal imperfections such as light spots, wrinkles and/or scars.

It consists of the application of a series of chemicals on the skin of the face that, according to the specialist’s requirement, reaches the layers of the skin and naturally reconstructs the area.

The benefits of facial and body peels:

There are a wide variety of benefits that this aesthetic treatment provides, starting with the homogenization of the skin, which makes it a good solution for spots caused by the sun.

In addition to that, we can say that it provides the skin:

Types of Facial and Body Peels We Do

To recommend the ideal level of action of the facial peel, it is important to diagnose the state of your skin and then propose the ideal type of treatment, among the options to be offered.

Medium/Deep Peel

The application is made in order to reach the dermis of the skin, the deepest area and the limit to be treated at a dermatological level. The goal or recommendation of this type of peel is to help blemishes and scars. As it is a deep treatment, there is usually a mark of redness on the skin that disappears after days, in some cases it presents with peeling skin.

Medium Peeling

Ideal for combating the marks of aging, it helps conceal deep fine lines, as well as some sun spots. Its application is not so deep but reaches halfway. It also usually causes a redness of the skin at the end of the treatment, this disappears in a few days.

Superficial peeling

It is an option for deep cleansing and preventative treatment against age marks, ideal for removing or improving the appearance of the face when wrinkles are not deep. As it is a treatment on the superficial layer of the skin, the redness that is created is slight and can be covered perfectly with makeup.

Dermatological peels that we perform at DermoMédica:


It is a depigmenting dermatological treatment designed with an innovative formula that serves to help patients regain their natural skin tone, eliminating blemishes. It is applied after dermatological evaluation by a professional and has a profound, continuous effect that acts in the long term and requires the patient's commitment to comply to the letter with the steps suggested by their trusted dermatologist.

Spot Out

A procedure designed to unify skin color, it is considered a depigmenting dermatological treatment that should be applied by a skin care specialist.

Miami Peel

Its deep exfoliating effect helps the skin inhibit pigment production. The patented chemical allows dermatologists to define the level of depth they want to apply, so a prior review by a specialist is essential before choosing this treatment.

Peels available in the cosmetology area:

Enzymatic peels

It is an option for cleansing, exfoliating and natural hydration for the skin, its ingredients are plant enzymes with a wide variety of antioxidants that give the skin that special care it deserves so much. It aims to cleanse the dermis, remove dead cells, remove blackheads, and allow deep hydration of the skin.

PB Serum Smart Peel

It is a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants that helps sensitive skin with pimples or marks. It has a visible effect as it revitalizes the skin and motivates cell regeneration.

Duosomal Peel by Toskani

The product has various high purity acids with which it ensures a visible result. It is suitable for skin that requires deep hydration to stop the signs of aging, treat blemishes and even acne.

Take care of your skin with facial and body peels

It’s a good strategy to prevent the passage of time. At DermoMédica we help you find the ideal option.

Before & After
Facial Peeling

We like to check the effect of our treatments, look at the change that is generated in our patients with this facial peeling from DermoMédica in Panama.

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