Dermatologist in Panama


Dr. Diana Tejada

As a dermatologist, Dr. Diana Tejada has dedicated her career to providing specialized care and innovative solutions to improve skin health and beauty.

With a strong academic background backed by a deep medical vocation, she has made her passion for dermatology her main drive to help her patients achieve healthy, radiant skin.

Academic studies

Dr. Tejada has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise.

Graduated as a dermatologist in Panama, she has complemented her training with specialized studies in advanced dermatological treatments that led her to form her professional criteria and her work model.

Today he is a member of the Panamanian Association of Dermatology, CILAD (Ibero-Latin American College of Dermatology)


Upon completion of her university studies, Dr. Diana Tejada began her professional path practicing dermatology in various health centers and clinics, in this way she began to reveal her vocation: to prevent damage and recover the health and beauty of the skin.

Years later, in 2020, she decided to create her own workspace in which she is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of patients. This clinic is called: Dermomédica and today it offers various Dermatology and Aesthetic services in Panama.

Together with her team of committed professionals, Dr. Diana Tejada can help her patients regain the well-being of their skin with personalized and avant-garde treatments.

Their work

Dermatological Services:

Injectables & Fillers:

An ideal option for smoothing wrinkles and restoring facial volume with natural and harmonious results.

Laser Treatments:

Using state-of-the-art technology, laser treatments address skin problems such as blemishes and scars.

Cosmology & SPA:

With a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation, it offers a revitalizing experience for the skin and spirit.

Body Treatments:

They focus on the removal of lesions, marks and scars, the reduction of cellulite and the improvement of skin firmness.

Patient testimonials.

Discover the power of personalized dermatology!

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