Dermamelan Facial Treatment

The dermatological solution to eliminate the existing blemishes on the skin of our patients’ faces.


What is Dermamelan?

It is a solution to blemishes, it can be defined as a novel product, adepigmenting treatment that has been designed under the application of various technologies that allow its effectiveness.

It is a professional treatment that focuses on the elimination of dark spots through the regulation of melanin production.

This depigmenting method requires the intervention of a professional who helps define the strategy for the application of the product, to guarantee its effectiveness on the skin blemishes of each patient.

During the diagnosis, the dermatologist will be able to add the corresponding masks to start the treatment and leave the indications for each phase of the treatment.

Dermamelan is a dermatological treatment that is continued at the patient’s home, at this point we require the commitment to comply with everything to the letter.

What is Dermamelan used for?

It is a depigmenting dermatological treatment designed with an innovative formula that serves to help patients regain their natural skin tone, eliminating blemishes.

Thanks to all the technologies that have influenced the development of this product, it can be seen that it is highly effective in regulating melanin, so it can be said that, in addition to treating skin blemishes, it helps to delay the appearance of new spots.

It is a long-term treatment that requires the patient’s commitment to comply to the letter with the steps suggested by their trusted dermatologist.

What is the price of the
treatment with Dermamelan?

Our prices are adjusted to the characteristics of each patient, in order to define a fair cost per treatment we first need to know what we really need and thus guarantee an effective service for an appropriate investment.

Before & After
treatment with Dermamelan

We invite you to learn about the effects of this treatment so that you can trust that we really apply what your skin needs to be healthier.

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Benefits of Dermamelen treatment compared to other treatments

Dermamelen, unlike other treatments, stands out for its precise and personalized approach.

One of the main benefits of this procedure is its ability to address not only pigmentation spots, but also improve the texture and overall appearance of the skin.

Featuring a combination of active ingredients and advanced technology, Dermamelen works in tandem with the skin’s natural regeneration system to deliver long-lasting and natural results.

In addition, Dermamelen is compatible with all skin tones, making it a versatile and safe option for a wide range of people.

What Can You Expect During the Dermamelen Procedure?

First of all, we guarantee that you will be in the hands of highly trained and experienced professionals.

The procedure is painless and non-invasive, which means you can resume your normal activities after the session.

During the treatment, a solution will be applied to the areas of unwanted pigmentation. This solution will gradually work on the skin, promoting a smooth and controlled removal of pigmentation spots. As the sessions progress, you’ll notice how your skin takes on a more even, luminous appearance.

If you are looking for a safe and effective depigmenting treatment, Dermamelen may be the ideal option for you.

At DermoMédica you can count on professionals who guarantee a satisfactory result.

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