A new technological option to deeply care for the skin of the face with cleansing, exfoliation and hydration techniques.


Benefits of Using DermaClear

There are multiple benefits that are provided to the patient when using DermaClear, all of these are related to the improvement of the skin condition, for example:

Results Obtained with DermaClear

After the application of DermaClear we can find as a result a clean facial skin, with a glow of freshness and hydrated.

This technique can also be considered as a way of preparing the skin to receive other dermatological or anti-aging treatments.

As it is an innovative 3-in-1 facial treatment, that is, with the ability to generate three results in one, it becomes a convenient option for comprehensive facial care.

What is DermaClear?

DermaClear is a novel piece of equipment designed to improve skin health through its three cleansing effects, hydration, and nourishment. Its use is proven and approved to be applied to patients in order to improve the condition of their skin.

Thanks to the development of elements such as DermaClear, today it is possible to offer a three-in-one deep care in order to achieve a healthier and rejuvenated appearance of the skin, as well as action prior to a specific treatment.

What does the treatment consist of?

As we mentioned at the beginning, DermaClear consists of three treatments in one, we show them below.

Exfoliation & Lightening

An exfoliating product called DermaClear Exfo is applied, it is a unique solution that is responsible for removing dead skin cells in order to achieve fresh and clean skin.

This application acts on the upper layer of the skin in which all the impurities accumulated superficially are extracted.

Suction cleaning

The second phase treats the skin more deeply to achieve a greater cleansing effect, at this point it seeks to eliminate all impurities such as dust, sebum and dirt in general through a suction process.

A product called DermaClear Cleanse is applied that contributes to the removal of dirt so that it can be removed from the skin easily and without causing damage to the skin, by this we mean that there are no signs of irritation after this application.

Hydration & Conditioning

At this point, a nourishing serum known as DermaClear Hydrate is applied, which contains a great moisturizing capacity with nourishing and antioxidant active ingredients that are responsible for protecting the skin.

The equipment features a rotating tip that is used to help the emollient soil reach the deeper layer of the skin to promote its nourishment.

With this final procedure, the skin is left with a natural glow, restored and ready to receive any other recommended treatment.

Do you think DermaClear is right for you?

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