Cosmetology & SPA in Panama

A space for skin care through cosmetic products where we focus on generating a feeling of relaxation in the patient.

At Dermomédica’s cosmetology and SPA center we focus on offering professional aesthetic services, reinforcing skin health to prevent diseases and highlight the natural beauty of our patients, all this through hydration, deep cleansing and protection techniques.


Cosmetology & SPA in Panama

Our SPA has several state-of-the-art equipment that ensures a positive experience for our clients, we rely on technology to offer topical, effective and high quality treatments. 

Remember that at Dermomédica we want to take care of your skin, help you maintain your beauty with the help of new and natural techniques.

Why choose us as a SPA in Panama?

Our Commitment:

The commitment we have shown through our years of experience is a good reason to prefer us, we have only one interest, to find the safest and most effective methods to take care of your skin, highlight your beauty and provide you with well-being.

Care by trained professionals:

We provide our patients with a trained and motivated team with the same goal. To provide you with everything from the best and most relaxing massages to the most innovative aesthetic treatments.

State-of-the-art technological equipment:

We have equipped our dermatology clinic and SPA with all the necessary equipment to guarantee quality services, with this we offer greater comfort for our patients to experience a unique relaxation.

We offer experience, commitment and quality in each service through up-to-date techniques, state-of-the-art technological equipment and professionals in the area of cosmetology and SPA.

Come to the Dermomédica SPA

We are happy to welcome you to provide you with a unique experience of relaxation and care of your skin.

Treatments we offer.

Facial Cleansing

It is a technique that focuses on treating the deep layer of the skin to deeply cleanse in order to provide the natural hydration and glow of the treated area.

Thanks to facial cleansing, various types of toxins that accumulate on the skin of the face are eliminated, ranging from makeup and sweat to dead cells, as well as pollution residues that are acquired from the environment.

Through this service we guarantee proper care of the skin of the face, helping to prevent the effects of aging, generating a fresh, bright and healthy appearance. In addition, we provide a relaxing experience in the process.

Do you want a deep facial cleanse? We look forward to seeing you at Dermomédica.


A unique cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing process for facial skin. It is a specialized machine that helps in the extraction of impurities as well as providing a deep application of the cosmetic products that are recommended to improve the health of the patient's skin.

Try the DermaClear to care for and improve the appearance of your facial skin. We are ready to offer you the methods to highlight your beauty.

Get to know our SPA from the inside

Treatments we offer.

Come pamper yourself in a comprehensive way with our facial and body treatments.

Deep cleaning.

It ensures the vitality and luminosity of the skin by removing the impurities present and providing deep hydration.

Deep cleansing with microdermabrasion.

It improves the texture of the face by stimulating microcirculation and reducing pore size. It also removes dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin.

Deep hydration facial.

It deeply hydrates the skin, revitalizes and offers radiance. It is the perfect care to prevent the signs of aging.

Premium bioeffect facial.

It stimulates the skin at the cellular level, accelerating collagen production that provides a rejuvenating appearance.

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

It hydrates and restores the skin's glow for a healthier, smoother appearance. Ideal for counteracting fine lines.

Facial for sensitive and reactive skin.

It focuses on reducing skin irritations, restoring a balanced appearance, and eliminating redness.

Facial Growth Factors Bioeffect.

It restores the skin's balance at a deep level and ensures the reduction of fine lines.

Back cleaning.

It removes impurities from the skin and prevents the appearance of pimples. It provides smooth and healthy skin.

Relaxing massage

It focuses on physical and emotional well-being, reduces stress levels, provides peace of mind, relaxes, and improves blood circulation.

Lymphatic drainage massage

It helps detoxify the body through the mobilization of fluids for elimination. It improves inflammation and promotes defenses.

Body exfoliation

It removes dead skin cells and promotes the skin's natural regeneration, stimulates microcirculation and provides deep hydration.

Where to find us?

You can find us at the following address: The Panama Clinic, 23rd Floor, Office 2322

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