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What is botulinum toxin (botox)?

“Botulinum toxin is a protein that, when applied to facial muscles, has the ability to control the exaggerated contraction of them, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles.”

In addition to its use in the treatment of wrinkles, it has other dermatological applications such as rosacea, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), enlarged pores, and bruxism, in addition to the treatment of medical conditions such as migraines, muscle spasticity, and dystonias.

It is important to know that botulinum toxin does not fill, does not deform the face, nor does it paralyze or freeze the expression, nor does it cause rebound. The amount applied and the form of application is independent of each patient. There is also no age to start botulinum toxin application; It is usually applied as early as when we start noticing that there is going to be formation of wrinkles to prevent their formation.

Its application is done in the office, being a quick procedure, with very little or no discomfort and that does not generate any disability (you can continue your normal life immediately).

Its effect begins to be noticed from the 3rd day and is maximum 7-10 days after application. Generally, it lasts 4 to 6 months, where it will need to be applied again to maintain the effects of control on wrinkles.

At DermoMédica we have available the only original brands of botulinum toxin: Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

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Botox Treatments
(Botulinum toxin)

Dr. Diana Tejada, dermatologist is at your disposal to offer you a safe and responsible application of the following treatments.

Mesobotox for Facial Wrinkles

It refers to the injection of botulinum toxin into the facial muscles in order to cause a relaxing effect and attenuate or eliminate the wrinkles present. In other cases, this treatment is used as a prevention method to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

The effect of botox is temporary, studies have shown that its positive effect is thanks to its contribution to the recovery of skin elasticity.

During the mesotherapy procedure, a mixture of amino acids, vitamins and minerals is included that together with botox will achieve a fresher appearance of the face.

With this process, wrinkles are reduced, causing the muscles to relax and the face to regain a healthier appearance thanks to the hydration offered by all the components.

Botox for Rosacea

A dermatological disease such as rosacea is difficult to heal, it is a condition that stimulates the blood vessels of the face causing redness and inflammation of the affected area that is usually in the center of the face. There are those who tend to confuse rosacea with acne and, although these are isolated situations, they tend to present similar symptoms. Today, dermatological progress has proven the positive impact that botox causes on this disease, thanks to its components it can calm the symptoms of this condition, although it is not compatible in all cases. To apply for this treatment you should consult with your trusted dermatologist so that they can determine if your case is compatible with botox.

Botox for enlarged pores

When it comes to taking care of the appearance, you want to avoid having enlarged pores, this condition is characterized by large, visible pores that are apt to accumulate dirt forming the so-called whiteheads and blackheads. A specific effect for enlarged pores has not yet been proven, nor has it been proven that the implementation of botox improves enlarged pores.

Botox for bruxism

Yes, botox can help with bruxism, when people grind their teeth as a result of tightening the jaw muscles discomfort occurs.

We are happy to say that the use of botulinum toxin is not only related to aesthetic effects but can help with other health problems like this.

Thanks to its relaxing effect, applying botox to the jaw muscles can generate bruxism relief.

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Vertical Neck Bands

Vertical bands are the irregular lines that appear in the neck when the platysma muscle contracts, at an aesthetic level it does not usually feel good to have these marked lines, therefore, women and men who suffer from it, usually look for an immediate solution.

The relaxing features of botox allow lines to soften and in other cases disappear, helping the patient feel more comfortable with their image.

Hypertrophic Scars (Cheloids)

Some patients have the condition of forming keloids in the scars due to a skin condition, the most recent studies show that the application of botulinum toxin helps to decrease the accentuation of hypertrophy achieving a smoother appearance of the scar.

Where can we apply botox?

It is necessary to highlight that the safe application of botox is based on a previous study of the needs or interests of the patient, with this information a calculation of the units is made and the precise injection site is determined.

Botox for the Face

One of the main places where botox is applied with aesthetic and in some cases medicinal intentions.

The effects that occur on the face are related to improving the appearance of the skin and muscles of the face.

Check out the various treatment options you can apply to help your face look smooth and healthy.

Botox for Lips

It is not a functional option to use botulinum toxin with an amplifying effect, that is, botox does not add volume to the lips but, on the contrary, provides a relaxing effect to the muscles.

To offer a voluptuous effect, botox can be applied to the muscles around the mouth, which causes a volumizing effect by relaxing the fine lines that pull the lip down.

In order to comply with the patient’s wishes, a strategy is created and shared so that a rewarding decision can be made, at the same time the other options that are suitable for adding volume to the lips are discussed.

Botox for armpits

This treatment helps patients with hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating in the armpits and palms. The compound bypasses the nerve connection, causing sweat production to stop.

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Get to know the brands of botox
We work with

Botox Allergan

A brand with a proven track record as well as a wide variety of products that demonstrate its commitment to aesthetic health.

Dysport by Ipsen

A product that stands out for the quality of its brand.

Xeomin de Merz

Derived from an innovative brand that has focused on a focus on the well-being of its patients in its 100-year history

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