Body Treatments

There are various techniques that are applied to the patient’s skin at an integral level in order to improve the appearance of the body, within this group we can find various types of techniques that have the same purpose, to contribute to internal and skin health.

At Dermomédica we offer a wide variety of techniques that help us guarantee our patients a change at a comprehensive level, depending on the perspective of the professional, one or more can be applied.


Radiofrequency with Shape

It is a therapy that uses radiofrequency electromagnetic waves to remove fat and increase skin elasticity. This option combats cellulite and sagging in various parts of the face.

The main benefit of this type of treatment is that it manages to improve the patient’s appearance without causing pain, discomfort, or side effects.

With the Forma treatment , collagen production is stimulated, allowing the effect to be long-term.

Drainage massages

The main objective of lymphatic drainage is to get the patient’s body to drain all the fluid that accumulates in their body as a result of the body’s own waste.

Various techniques are used to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system in order to detoxify the body and eliminate excess fluids that can accumulate.

Would you like to have a drainage massage? At Dermomédica we are here to serve you.

Relaxing massages

A massage that aims to decrease tension in muscles and tendons that are overloaded for multiple reasons.

This body treatment has a reconstructive purpose, pampering the body is also part of loving and caring for it, for this reason we provide services with special relaxation techniques that will make you feel like new at the end.

Reduction of Enzyme Measurements

This body treatment uses the application of an enzyme that is injected into the areas to be treated, these organic molecules actively participate in the process of metabolizing fat.

In other words, by placing the enzymes in the desired area, a natural process begins, which does not alter the balance of the body and in turn stimulates the elimination of fat from difficult areas.

We can define it as a minimally invasive and effective treatment to improve specific areas of the body

What can we deal with with the above tools?

Abdominal sagging

Whether it's due to excess skin, sudden weight loss, or the accumulation of fat or fluids. In any case, at Dermomédica we are ready to help you recover the health of your skin and highlight your natural beauty.

Treatment of stretch marks

These elongated marks of the skin that are produced by the exaggerated stretching of the skin can be annoying for some patients, if it is your case and you want to remove them from your skin we can help you. We have various aesthetic treatments that will help you regain a fresh and firm complexion.


The accumulation of fat in various areas of the body, this turns into adipose nodules that form dimples that leave a not-so-aesthetic orange peel appearance. Fighting cellulite is not an easy task, different efforts are required to mobilize and expel fat but, you don't have to worry at Dermomédica we have the ideal techniques to make you feel good about your body.

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Body Treatments

We invite you to learn about the effects of this treatment so that you can trust that we really apply what your skin needs to be healthier.

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It uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen production and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin. This treatment is safe and natural that allows you to rebuild the structure of the skin at any level, whether body or facial. As an aesthetic body treatment, it generates good results when treating sagging skin on the thighs, arms, neck or abdomen.


A novel, unique and patented technology that allows a great advance in the treatment of localized fat, consists of using the Morpheus device that with its microneedles manages to pierce the skin and treat a deeper area. It is a painless solution with no side effects that we offer our patients to improve aspects such as cellulite, stretch marks, scars, sagging skin, in any area of the body.

What is the difference between Ultherapy and HIFU treatment?

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