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When should I see a dermatologist to treat acne?

If you feel that you suffer from acne and you still do not have positive results when trying to control it, it is time to consult with a specialist who will recommend a personalized treatment for your case.

There are various acne treatments that can be applied, these are intended to eliminate the bacterial infection and decrease the production of oil from the skin, as a result the swelling and characteristic marks are eliminated.

It is important that you trust a dermatologist to start with any of the treatments, since, first of all, you need a long period of time for its reaction and a specific dose according to the characteristics of the acne, age and skin type.

Dermatologists are doctors who specialize in skin care, thanks to their knowledge and experience they can help control diseases such as acne, prevent scars from occurring, or prevent them from being visible.

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Acne Treatment

We invite you to learn about the effects of this acne treatment and trust that we really apply what your skin needs to be healthier.

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Symptoms of acne
To go to the doctor

To identify acne, the following characteristics should be observed in the face or back area:

When acne appears, the first reaction is to try hygiene methods with medicated soaps and topical creams that are sold over-the-counter for the home treatment of this disease.

In some cases they usually work within 4 weeks, however, if this first treatment does not work and you can notice that the acne becomes stronger, it is prudent that you consult with a specialist doctor.

Dr. Diana Tejada is a dermatologist and can offer you various treatments for acne.

What can trigger acne?

Acne is caused by the supersaturated cycle of oil production. When the body starts producing too much sebum, it can clog the hair follicles, which in turn don’t allow dead cells and bacteria to leave the skin, triggering infection and inflammation.

Factors that can trigger this cycle include:


Some studies hint that carbohydrate consumption may contribute to the development of acne.

Hormonal changes:

Androgen production is increased during puberty, which influences and stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing increased fat production.


It contributes to worsening the situation of existing acne.

Topical medications
for acne

Among the various acne treatments, dermatologists may try topical medications.

He believes that a doctor’s prescription as well as a specified prescription for use is necessary to assertively treat acne. Reckless use of these options can make the situation worse.

Azelaic acid

A product that is dispensed in cream or gel form to be applied to the face and fight, with its antibiotic properties, infection, it also helps to reduce the change in skin color. It can produce side effects and the pace of use should be defined by a professional.

Salicylic acid

A component that helps to unclog the hair follicles of the skin, preventing the proliferation of the problem.

Topical antibiotics

Their main purpose is to destroy the bacteria present in the skin, thus helping to reduce inflammation. The specialist may recommend it in the company of another solution to extend its effectiveness.


Its components help prevent hair follicles from becoming clogged, they can be well combined with antibiotics to enhance their effect. Always remember to consult a doctor to use this type of medication.

Acne Pills

Oral prescriptions are for more severe or severe cases, they are solutions that treat the infection as well as excess sebum (sebaceous fat) from inside the body.

More importantly, it is necessary to highlight that the use of these acne treatments is under the exclusive supervision of a doctor.


They are responsible for blocking the reactions of androgynous hormones of the sebaceous glands, they are useful in female and adolescent patients. Check for possible side effects.


Used with the aim of eliminating bacteria, it is recommended in severe cases and is combined with other treatments. In addition, the use of these antibiotics should not be continued, as resistance can form after a period of time.

Oral contraceptives

An option for women, it is an FDA-approved treatment thanks to the combination of hormones that achieves a benefit to improve acne. It is a lengthy procedure and doctors recommend it with other treatments.

Other Acne Treatments

As we mentioned at the beginning, acne treatment is personalized for each case and long, it takes patience to try different options until a final result is achieved.

In the search for a perceptible improvement, dermatologists have developed other alternative techniques that may, or may not, be combined with the other treatments. Each of these tools should be performed by an experienced physician.

Before deciding on one of these therapies, consult with your doctor about the side effects, percentage of effectiveness, recovery time, as well as any other questions you may have to feel confident when making the decision.

Drainage & Extraction

It is a specialized cleaning of the pores of the skin, in this therapy the doctor is in charge of extracting, with specific implements, the black and white pimples. A better appearance of the skin is achieved in the short term, however, there is a risk of scarring.

Chemical peel

It involves the application of various chemicals on the affected area, at the end of the exfoliation a positive change in the skin can be appreciated, although it is not long-lasting, so it must be combined with other treatments.


A light-based treatment that prevents the development of acne is a repetitive technique in which you must go to the office several times.

Steroid infiltration

It is the direct application of steroids to the nodules or cysts that form due to acne, with this technique pain is reduced and an improvement in the appearance of the skin can be evidenced.

Need help with acne?

Dr. Diana Tejada, a dermatologist, can help you find a solution that is specific to you.

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